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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the school pay for any medical bills while I am at Carnegie Mellon?
Any medical care, that is the direct result of varsity athletics participation, sought while the varsity student athlete is participating in intercollegiate varsity sports, will be paid for by the school's secondary insurance, after the bills have been filed with the individual’s primary insurance company.

2. What paperwork is needed in order to submit a claim to Carnegie Mellon University’s secondary insurance?
In order to properly file the claim with the school secondary insurance, the individual would need to submit to Carnegie Mellon University all bills from the service providers and explanation of benefits (EOB) forms from the primary insurance company.

3. If I sustain an injury or illness at Carnegie Mellon whom should I contact?
Any injury or illness the varsity student-athlete is responsible to report it to the sports medicine staff immediately in order to receive the best possible care. Student Health Services may be utilized in the cases where a member of the sports medicine staff if not available.

4. What happens if I am injured outside of my participation in intercollegiate sports?
The varsity student-athlete is responsible to report the injury or illness to the sports medicine staff to receive proper treatment; however any bills incurred from that episode are not the responsibility of Carnegie Mellon University.

5. Am I required to have medical insurance to participate in intercollegiate athletics?
Yes, medical insurance is a prerequisite in order to participate in intercollegiate varsity athletics. If you do not currently have insurance the university does offer packages which will meet this requirement.

6. What paper work is necessary prior to trying out for a team?
For incoming varsity freshman and new varsity athletes, forms A, A1, B, C, D1 and E need to be completed. You can find them on the forms page.
Returning varsity athletes will need to fill out forms A, A1, B, C and D2. You can find them on the forms page.

7. Can I participate if I don’t have all my forms filled out?
If you are lacking any form you will not be allowed to participate in practices or games until such time as all paperwork has been completed and turned into the sports medicine staff.

8. Is there transportation for appointments off campus?
If a varsity athlete needs transportation to or from an appointment, he/she can choose from any number of options including public bus, escort service or by making arrangements with their house fellows. This link can serve as a reference for transportation in and around Oakland.