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Sports Medicine Medical Eligibility Requirements

Welcome to the Carnegie Mellon University Sports Medicine medical, insurance, and information page. In order to participate in varsity intercollegiate athletics, all varsity student-athletes are required to provide pertinent medical information at the beginning of each academic year. To obtain this information Carnegie Mellon University has partnered with Healthy Roster: A leading medical record and injury-tracking platform that captures critical health information for all varsity athletes. Healthy Roster enables the individual athlete to contribute directly to his/her health record, access and upload medical forms, update contact information, report injuries/illnesses and communicate directly with medical staff via text or video chat options. Each year the varsity student-athlete must complete or submit all medical forms and insurance cards to their Healthy Roster account through the Healthy Roster website or Healthy Roster cell phone application. Uploaded forms must be saved and submitted as PDFs. The Healthy Roster phone APP has a built-in scanner that makes adding documents, forms, and insurance cards quick, easy, and convenient. All varsity student-athletes are required to create an account using their Andrew ID as their username. If you do not already have an account, you will receive an invite from Healthy Roster asking you to create an account. Instructions will be provided.

The link below provides parents and student-athletes a brief overview of how to use the Healthy Roster phone application and website:

Healthy Roster Parent/Athlete Walkthrough


Clearance for Participation


Carnegie Mellon University requires ALL varsity student-athletes to obtain a physical exam every year prior to athletic participation. Physicals must be completed after June 1st each year. The physical should be an in-office visit and a Family Medicine/Primary Care Physician that is familiar with your health history should complete the physical. If needed, physicals may also be obtained from an outpatient or urgent care facility. The physical exam notes must clearly state that the student-athlete is cleared to participate in athletics. Once scheduled the varsity student-athletes must download a copy of the physical form and ADD/ADHD medical exception form (if needed) from the templates in Healthy Roster or from the links listed below. After the physical has been performed, the student-athlete must upload the documents into their Healthy Roster account and save them under the proper 2021 document types. Please include the physician’s physical exam report in addition to our Physical Form so that we have access to more thorough documentation.

If a varsity student-athlete had an injury requiring surgery or multiple doctor visits for the injury or diagnosed medical conditions/injuries since leaving campus, please upload a copy of the clearance letter (indicating restrictions and/or no restrictions/limitations) and any additional physician notes to the student-athlete’s Healthy Roster account prior to returning to campus. Any varsity student-athlete with pre-existing conditions, past injuries, or potential issues due to family history may need to see our team physicians and/or obtain additional testing prior to participation.


Carnegie Mellon University contracts with UPMC Sports Medicine to provide additional care for our varsity student-athletes. Varsity student-athletes are responsible for contacting their insurance carrier(s) prior to enrollment in order to ensure that they will cover emergency and non-emergency services at UPMC facilities in the event that the varsity student-athlete is injured while participating in athletics. If a student’s insurance policy does not provide out-of-network coverage for non-emergency care at UPMC medical facilities, the varsity student-athlete is strongly encouraged to obtain the student medical health insurance plan provided through University Health Services. Carnegie Mellon University does offer an affordable student health insurance plan.

Any private insurance coverage must meet certain conditions or the student will be required to purchase the University provided student health insurance. We strongly recommend that you consider supplementing your own coverage with the university’s student plan (Highmark). Online enrollment and waiver information, downloadable forms, and plan details can be found on: If you have questions about the student insurance plan, email

A copy (Front and Back) of all insurance cards is required every year and must be uploaded to the student-athlete’s Healthy Roster account every year.

Medical Information, Forms and Testing:

Every year all varsity student-athletes must update their profile details (Address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, insurance and general medical alerts) through Healthy Roster; This CANNOT be done through the phone application. Update the information by going to the details section in the student athlete’s account on the Healthy Roster website.

Medical Forms are located under documents in your Healthy Roster account. All forms must be signed electronically where designated. Healthy Roster allows forms to be signed by using a mouse, track pad, electronic pen and/or finger depending on the device. Any student-athlete under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign the medical forms. Healthy Roster will send you notifications daily until the required forms are completed. Forms and documents must be saved under the correct document type in order for notifications to stop. You will also receive notifications at the end of each academic year informing you that these forms are expiring. All freshmen will also need to complete a Baseline Concussion (ImPACT) Test and Balance Test prior to participation. Juniors and student-athletes who sustained a concussion the previous year must retake the Baseline Concussion (ImPACT) Exam. Listed below are the forms and/or documents and pre-season tests to be completed.

All Varsity Athletes:

  • Parent-Student handbook
  • Student-Athlete Insurance and Contact Information
  • Concussion Acknowledgement/ Consent and Release Forms
    • Watch NCAA Concussion Videos
    • Sign ALL sections
  • Physical Form
  • Copy of all Insurance Cards (Front and Back)
  • Copy of COVID Vaccination card/ Booster card or Exemption Letter
  • Health History Form (First Year Athletes only)
  • Sickle Cell Trait and Meningitis Information Form
    • Watch NCAA Sickle Cell video
  • Sickle Cell Trait Test Results

First-Year / Transfer Varsity Athletes Only:

  • Balance Testing (To be scheduled by Athletic Training staff)
  • ImPACT Testing
    • Invitation will be sent to Andrew Email

Returning Varsity Athletes only:

  • ImPACT Testing (Juniors and previously concussed athletes within the past year)
    • Invitiation will be sent to Andrew Email

Additional Health and Wellness Forms: (To be completed in pre-season)

  • Pre-participation Physical Preparedness Forms
  • Health and Wellness Surveys

If you have any questions, please contact the athletic training staff:

Office: 412-268-2222



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