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What is an Athletic Trainer?

Athletic trainers are Allied Healthcare Professionals certified by a nationally accredited board of certification. The practice of athletic training includes the prevention, recognition, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and certain other medical conditions. Athletic trainers strive to minimize impairments, functional limitations and disability and ensure physically active individuals are able to maintain and/or return to their full capability and remain physically active. Certified athletic trainers are not to be confused with personal trainers who have a background specifically in strength training and conditioning and may or may not have a degree and/or certification. 

In order to obtain certification athletic trainers must attain a minimum four year bachelor’s degree from an accredited athletic training program and pass a certification exam administered by the national board of certification. In Pennsylvania, certified athletic trainers must be licensed and work under the direction of a physician; together they collaborate to ensure the highest quality of activity in athletics, work and life. 

For more information on athletic training visit the National Athletic Trainers’ Association website at