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TAC Leadership Spotlight Series: Alejandro Villanueva

Zoom meeting with main speaker, a male in a white shirt, in the main portion of the screen with participants along the top

Apr. 20 – (PITTSBURGH, Pa.) – Tartan Leaders of Tomorrow had its fourth Tartan Athletics Club Board of Directors Leadership Spotlight Series of the semester with Alejandro Villanueva leading a discussion on making tough decisions.


The event was listed as:

"An honest and intimate discussion about his experiences at The United States Military Academy & Active duty in Afghanistan"

West Point (The US Military Academy) "Premier Leadership Academy"

  • where he learned everything he needed to know in order to succeed in the military
  • focus on orders, rules, mission, goals, and accomplishment
  • 4 years at West point
  • First active duty job as Platoon leader after graduation

3 Main components of leadership

  • Culture of the Organization
  • Inspirational - who are your heroes
  • Moral component

Leadership is always changing and evolving

Additionally, Villanueva spoke about the three defining leadership moments in his military career.

"Alejandro's presentation was particularly interesting because I learned that leadership can take many forms. One of the most intriguing points Alejandro made was that as a leader, your actions can result in consequences that you didn't see coming, but that as a leader, you must be ready to take accountability for these consequences."
- Mitchell Waters, junior football player and track and field athlete

"Alejandro provided unique and valuable viewpoints on what it means to be a leader, offering insights from many of his life experiences to demonstrate different leadership situations. One quote that stuck out to me was, 'Never look in the mirror and not be able to recognize yourself.' I think this encapsulates the fact that leaders might need to make hard decisions, but should do so within their moral boundaries."
- Tyler Waters, junior football player and track and field athlete