Alum Features from 2017-18

Alumni News: Thomas Healy and Hyliion
Alumni News: Thomas Healy and Hyliion

August 07, 2017

As founder and CEO of Hyliion, Carnegie Mellon University alumnus Thomas Healy has designs on revolutionizing the shipping industry by modifying the country’s 6 million tractor-trailers to save energy.

John Stephan (in red) with the other members of Over There! before they left Dover, England, to swim the English Channel Relay
Football Alumnus Gains New Perspective, Swims English Channel Relay

July 05, 2017

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of American soldiers landing at the port of Saint Nazaire in France to support the Allies during World War I, Carnegie Mellon University football alum John Stephan (GSIA’98) joined a group of Americans and Frenchmen on a swim across the English Channel. A late in life swimmer, Stephan grew interested in this popular endeavor amongst open water swimmers through the encouragement of a professional mentor.