Group X-ercise

Group X-ercise

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FREE Group X classes for CMU undergraduate / graduate students, faculty and staff.  No cost Group X applies to current CMU faculty, students, and staff.   Present your valid CMU ID to the desk attendant and they will check you in for the class. Please take the receipt to the class and present to the instructor.   

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LIVE classes are taking a break!
We hope you enjoyed all the live classes we've offered since March 30! Although we are taking a summer break from the live classes, you can access the recorded videos any time you want. Don't forget about the On Demand class offerings - link is below!

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No Cost Group X FAQ’s

  • How can I receive a refund for outstanding FitBucks?
    • The department will have a list with all outstanding fitbucks balances remaining.   We will set up designated times for refunds to be processed.  You will need a credit card to process the refund.    If you have questions about fitbucks or refunds, please contact Sara Gauntner,    
  • Who qualifies for no cost Group-X class?
    • No cost Group X applies to current CMU faculty, students, and staff.   Present your valid CMU ID to the desk attendant and they will check you in for the class.   Please take the receipt to the class and present to the instructor.
  • My friend is visiting and wants to exercise. How can he or she use the facilities and take a Group-X class?
    • Guest passes to utilize the facilities are $10.   A guest can pay to take a class of their choice during their visit.    Please pay for the class at one of the desks and take receipt to the class and present to the instructor.
  • My partner has a CMU sponsored ID. Is he or she eligible for the free classes?
    • Individuals with sponsored IDs are not eligible for Group-X classes. They will be able to purchase individual classes and participate in the Group-X program. Individual classes can be purchased with credit card at the fitness desks.
  • Is there a limit to how many classes I can take?
    • There is not a limit on free classes.
  • What happens after I show my ID at the check-in desk?
    • The student worker will provide you with a receipt that you should hand to your instructor upon entry into the exercise studio.


Group-X:  How it all began at Carnegie Mellon

Aerobics is a fairly new form of exercise… well at least as far back as 1968. It was Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, an exercise physiologist for the San Antonio Texas Air Force Hospital who coined the term 'aerobics' to describe the system of exercise that he devised to help prevent coronary artery disease. Later he determined that this form of exercise was good for the general public and since then has been part of the general lexicon. Putting this form of exercise to music was how, according to the Jazzercise website, jazz dancer, Judy Sheppard Missett, created “Jazzercise” in 1969, thus starting the Aerobics Dance craze.

Carnegie Mellon soon followed in the 1970s with its first class that incorporated Dr. Cooper’s guidelines. It was called Dance and Gymnastics and was a semester-long offering by the Physical Education department of Athletics. Half the semester was devoted to skills in gymnastics and the other half was dance, more formal forms of dancing at first, and then dance for exercise and fun.

The University started out with just three classes per week of this new exercise format, Aerobic Dance. After a short time, the interest was so high, that evening classes began popping up in the gyms and dorms as more and more of the campus enjoyed how this form of exercise made them feel even after just one class! They may not have realized that the benefits like stress reduction, stronger hearts and lungs, and a healthier well being resulted as they simply just danced to music and had fun. Initially these classes were taught by student-athletes from the women’s basketball and swimming teams and the athletics staff. After a short time, male students joined the team of instructors.

As this style of exercise grew, so did the demand and need for more instructors. The instructors had options to draw upon other forms of programmed chorography like Jazzercise or routines from celebrities like Jane Fonda. Props were soon added such as “The Step”, weights, balls, and bands. The gymnastic skills portion was eventually dropped.

One of the most popular classes was held in Thistle Hall of Skibo Gym at noon. As many as 75 participants comprised of faculty, staff, and students consistently attended this lunchtime class.

Over the years the program grew and developed into Group Exercise, which is now called Group-X. The current schedule offers 30 to 35 weekly classes in fitness (e.g., Zumba, kettlebell, HIIT (high intensity interval training), strength training, indoor cycling, yoga, combination strength and cardio classes, kickboxing, and multiple dance and other forms of fitness classes).