Senior Thoughts with Laurel Pereira

Senior Thoughts with Laurel Pereira

A four-year women's basketball athlete, Laurel is a mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering double major from Naperville, Illinois. Laurel will return to Carnegie Mellon in the fall to complete her master's degree in mechanical engineering.


Favorite team memory: Senior Day this year. Especially after all that has happened, that weekend was so special all around. My teammates are my best friends and the best people I know. We have been through a lot together and have made every moment in between so special. Above all, to share that day with my other seniors was unreal. Having bonded with them all so much over our journey together it was the perfect way to go out. Plus, a 2OT win with the loudest crowd I've ever heard in Skibo was incredible.

Proudest athletic achievement: ECAC Championship my freshman year.

Funniest team memory: All of our UAA trip adventures over the years were so memorable and such a blast.

Hope for future of your team: There are so many amazing and driven people on the team with so much potential on and off the court. I know they will continue to thrive together in the coming years.

Something you'd like to say to your underclassmen teammates: To my underclassmen teammates, thank you for all of the laughter, constant energy, and immense support through everything. You have been such a bright spot with each new class that comes in and it wouldn't have been the same without each and every one of you. I will miss all of you so much, but luckily I'll be back for a little bit longer in the fall to cheer you guys on.

Reason you chose Carnegie Mellon and how it's effected you: I chose CMU for its perfect mix of athletic and academic opportunities. CMU has such a strong history of challenging and rewarding academic programs, specifically in my area of interest which was engineering. It has been a wonderful environment for me to grow as a student. Even more so, CMU has provided me with countless opportunities to engage with my community and develop as a leader that will hopefully take me very far in the future.

An athletic opportunity you're thankful for: I'm thankful to athletics for providing me with such a strong support network of other athletes. I have enjoyed my time on SAAC and volunteering with Special Olympics because it has given me an opportunity to experience so much across campus and across the Pittsburgh community.

Team you enjoyed competing against the most and why: I enjoy playing in the UAA because every weekend is a new challenge. Over the years you get to know the competition so well, but you always know that come game day you have to be prepared for anything and ready to fight.