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Senior Thoughts with Victoria Feng

Senior Thoughts with Victoria Feng

A four-year women's swimming athlete, Victoria is a mechanical engineering major with a minor in design from Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Victoria will be working as a mechanical design engineer at Tesla in Palo Alto, California.


Favorite team memory: UAAs 2020, being able to compete one last time with my teammates and having so much fun swimming fast!

Proudest athletic achievement: Coming back after my Summer/Fall internship and hopping right back into swimming and making the UAA team one last time for my senior year.

Funniest team memory: Training Trip 2017 when our class had pizza on the beach and went biking in the Everglades.

Hope for future of your team: To keep swimming fast and to keep swim family traditions alive.

Something you'd like to say to your underclassmen teammates: Trust the process and make the most of your 4 years on the team, you won't know how much you'll miss it until it's gone.

Reason you chose Carnegie Mellon and how it's effected you: I chose CMU because it gave me the opportunity to swim while knowing it wouldn't affect my academic pursuits. I wouldn't be the person, athlete, or engineer I am today without my teammates, my coach, and my friends.

An athletic opportunity you're thankful for: Being able to continue my swimming career at college and being able to compete alongside my friends for 4 years.

Team you enjoyed competing against the most and why: Not super applicable to swimming, but I enjoy our conference meets the most because you really get to see each of the 8 UAA school's spirit and how they've bonded as a team.