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Green Practices

Athletics is Committed to Green Practices

Athletics is dedicated to promoting environmental practices and sustainable initiatives within its office spaces and throughout its facilities.

Athletics Facilities

  • Recycling bins for paper and plastic products readily available in all athletic spaces and events to create a low waste environment.
  • Compost program exists in Athletic office areas
  • Vehicle idling prohibited at all loading zones in athletic facilities
  • We only use 30% recycled paper for general purpose printing and copying
  • Water fountains in athletic spaces are updated with water bottle refill stations
  • We only purchase new appliances that are ENERGY STAR, EPEAT or CEE qualified
  • All e-waste from department is recycled

How Can You Help?

  • Send your green ideas to Jason Mlodzianowski, our Associate Athletics Director for Events, Facilities and Operations
  • Recycle and compost whenever possible.
  • Turn off your lights when you leave your office and unplug electronics when not in use.


For more information about the Carnegie Mellon University Scotty Goes Green initiative, please visit the cerification program page.