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The Plaidvocates


The Plaidvocates is a peer health and wellness advocacy program for student-athletes that supports the well-being of CMU’s varsity athletics community. This peer-to-peer volunteer organization is comprised of student-athletes that lead by adopting health-promoting behaviors, provide year-round support and mentorship, and empower their peers to engage in responsible and informed decision making.

The Plaidvocates are educated and trained throughout the year to be able to listen, promote and provide support and information on stress and time management, nutrition, alcohol, drug use and other health related topics. The Plaidvocates function as a resource and role model for their peers by providing one-on-one interaction, educational programming and leadership.

Having trouble juggling your academics and practice? Want some advice about healthy snacks during the day? Want to talk to someone about the class that’s stressing you out? Have questions about how to say no when asked to have a drink? Do you feel that it is time to reach out and talk to someone?

If you have questions, concerns or just need to talk to someone, a Plaidvocate is able to set up a time to meet with you and help.

Not sure which Plaidvocate to contact? 

The Sports Medicine team can help you choose a Plaidvocate that is best suited to assist with your specific situation if you are having trouble deciding on a contact.  Please send an email to and they will forward your information to a Plaidvocate, who will in turn contact you.

When contacting a Plaidvocate, please email them your name and a general reason why you want to meet and talk with them. 

To ensure the Plaidvocates are providing proper support, each peer-to-peer interaction will be discussed with a member of the CMU sports medicine staff. All names and team information will remain anonymous unless the individual is determined to be in imminent danger of hurting themselves or others.