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Logo image that reads: Carnegie Mellon University Tartan Leaders of Tomorrow

A program in which Carnegie Mellon Student-Athletes evolve as leaders through engaging speakers, thoughtful discussion, campus outreach, engagement and proactive mentorship.


The Tartan Leaders of Tomorrow (TLT) is designed to serve as a complement to the student-athlete’s education at Carnegie Mellon University, marrying the technical and practical skills they attain in the classroom with strong interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills. While at Carnegie Mellon, these skills will embolden student-athletes to lead and excel on the court, in the pool, on the track, on the field of play, as well as in the classroom. It is the mission of the athletic department to develop leaders, mentor students and teach values that will inspire lives of vigor, balance and greatness. It is the intent of the department to offer robust and diverse opportunities to our athletes that build character, teach motivation and foster collaboration, while preparing them to succeed in all facets of their lives.  After being an active participant in the Tartan Leaders of Tomorrow, these skills will propel a graduate from the program into the workplace and beyond.

The Tartan Leaders of Tomorrow program will provide athletes, at different stages of their careers, with the skill sets to become strong, dynamic leaders. All student-athletes regardless of prior engagement are presented with opportunities to engage with the TLT. While this program is not an accredited part of the University curriculum, student-athletes must complete a set of requirements in order to complete the Tartan Leaders of Tomorrow program.


Have questions? Contact Andrew Girard or Kim Kelly