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Department Vision, Mission and Values


The Carnegie Mellon University Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation will provide a transformative and inclusive educational experience that nurtures competitiveness, wellness, belonging and resilience, and provides students with a leadership framework to live healthy and impactful lives.


To educate students through sport as they compete and strive for comprehensive excellence.

To deliver an unparalleled student-athlete experience that serves to develop the next generation of thought leaders and innovators.

To achieve at an elite level and establish a championship Division III culture.

To teach balance and wellness through diverse recreational program offerings and opportunities.

To complement and enhance the learning that transpires in Carnegie Mellon’s classrooms.

To excel academically at a world-renowned institution and prepare students to impact the world in myriad ways.

To align resources — human, capital, financial — with the strategic priorities guiding a transformative student experience.


Integrity, reflected as a core component of everything we do.

Wellness, reflected in the way we educate and prepare students for all facets of their lives.

Competitiveness, reflected in the way we educate students to strive to meet their full potential.

Impact on Community, reflected in the way we use our talents to influence the world in positive ways.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence, reflected in our culture that fosters equitable participation and opportunity for individuals from different backgrounds and varied life experiences.

Leadership Development, reflected in our commitment to training the world’s brightest minds to lead the next generation.