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Department Vision, Mission and Values


The Carnegie Mellon University Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation will have a transformative impact through diverse programs that inspire leadership, teamwork, wellness and resilience, and offer students, staff and faculty opportunities to develop the intellect, ethics and character needed to lead meaningful lives while impacting society in profound ways.


To develop leaders, mentor students and teach values that will inspire lives of vigor, balance and greatness.

To provide programs that complement the education that takes place in Carnegie Mellon’s classrooms by cultivating learning through competition, recreation and physical activity.

To offer robust and diverse opportunities that build character, teach motivation and foster collaboration, while preparing our students to succeed in all facets of their lives.


With academic and athletic excellence as guiding principles, the following values are ingrained in the philosophical approach of the Carnegie Mellon Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation:

Integrity, reflected as a core component of everything we do.

Wellness, reflected in the way we educate the whole being, encourage a balanced experience and teach lifelong habits.

Competitiveness, reflected in the development of world-class programs and opportunities for students to reach their full potential.

Leadership, reflected in our mentoring of the next generation of parents, educators, professionals and leaders while fostering and empowering a diverse community of learners.

Community, reflected in the emphasis placed on learning that takes place outside of the classroom to inspire, support and strengthen the campus, local, national and global populations.