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Nomination Process

Nominations for inductees to the Athletics Hall of Fame will follow the process outlined in this section.  In particular, solicitation of nominations will be broad and inclusive.  In a given year after nominations are solicited, the Selection Committee will discuss each nominee and identify not more than 10 to be moved forward for formal nomination and voting. In the inaugural year, the Selection Committee will identify not more than 25 to be moved forward for formal nomination and voting.

Solicitation of Nominations

With the assistance and support of CMU and the Athletics Department, nominations will be solicited using the CMU Athletics Website.  A solicitation campaign using social media and email will direct interested parties to the web address where nominations can be made.  Solicitation of nominations should begin no later than eight months prior to a Hall of Fame class’s induction ceremony.  The solicitation period should last no longer than 90 days, subject to the discretion of the Selection Committee.

Selection Committee Discussion

The Selection Committee shall convene in-person or via telephone or other conference to discuss each nomination after receipt of supporting material which will be presented to the Selection Committee.  This meeting shall occur no later than five (5) months prior to the induction ceremony, subject to the discretion of the Selection Committee.

Formal Nominations and Voting

After the Selection Committee discussion, votes will be cast by each member of the Selection Committee, with each member entitled to vote once for each open position. A nominee must receive votes from at least 67 percent of the Selection Committee members to be inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame.

Notification and Induction

After nominees are selected in accordance with the procedures set forth herein, they will be formally notified by the Athletics Director.  Inductees will then be formally recognized in a ceremony as determined by the Selection Committee.

Continuation of Nomination

A nominated individual or team of distinction, if not selected by the process outlined in Formal Nominations and Voting, above, may be re-nominated at any time for the following years; provided, however, nominees will remain in the candidate pool for a period of five (5) years unless they have been re-nominated or elected to the Athletics Hall of Fame.  After such five (5) year period lapses, a nominee that is not selected must be re-nominated in accordance with these guidelines.