Club Sports


This program offers members of the Carnegie Mellon University community the opportunity to participate in non-varsity intercollegiate athletic competition and formalized group instruction. Club Sports are recognized student organizations that establish their own leadership, structure, membership requirements, competition schedules, dues, and fundraising events. The clubs provide social, competitive, instructional, and safe environments based on the common interests of the participating members.

Our mission is to provide diverse, quality sports opportunities for all students across a broad range of skill levels and experience. The Club Sports program strives to provide a dynamic learning environment while promoting sportsmanship, skill development, and camaraderie through sport and play. We aim to be a model for student leadership – in the way students conduct themselves during events and through the administration of the program.

In the event of an injury occuring during a club sports event on campus, call CMU EMS ( 412.268.2323 ). For injuries that occur on or off campus, athletes should contact University Health Services ( 412.268.2157 ) for consultation. Athletes should report all injuries to the club sports coordinator and fill out the injury/incident report found at the bottom of the page.

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Current Clubs

To sign-up on the roster of the club you participate here!

Badminton Angela Zhang
Baseball John Schuman

Thomas Anderson
Fencing Yizhe Liu
Figure Skating Sarah Shaheen
Lacrosse (m) Kyle Bannerman
Lacrosse (w) Isabel Magdaleno
Quidditch Club Sara Beitler
Roller Hockey Olivia Corrodi
Rowing Mabel Bartlett
Rugby Daniel Maya
Alpine Racing & Freestyle Sarah Nevins
Soccer (m) Naveen Shakar
Soccer (w) Olivia Montanha
Squash  Rachel Hagani
Swimming Valen Ortiz de Zarate
Tennis Stefan Orton-Urbina
Ultimate Frisbee (m) Alton Olson
Ultimate Frisbee (w) Charlotte Andreasen
Volleyball (m) Nick Laikram
Volleyball (w) Olivia Keller
Water Polo (m) Aneek Mukherjee
Water Polo (w) Ophelie Tousignant

Check out our Club Sports Participant Manual for more details about the program


Incident Report

Assumption of Risk/Waiver