Personal Training

CMU Fit The Department of Athletics, Recreation and Physical Education provides Personal Training services to the campus community at Carnegie Mellon University. All of our trainers are nationally certified. Personal Training offers Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and staff a convenient and affordable way to achieve their fitness goals. Your individual private session is 30 minutes. These exercise prescriptions are tailored by your trainer to meet your unique fitness goals. Contact Pattye Stragar, or 412.268.1235 with any questions. 

Looking for a way to stay fit and motivated? Maybe change your routine, increase strength or recover from an injury? Meet our personal trainers! Our trainers are committed to helping everyone meet their goals.

Personal Training services are offered to all faculty, staff and full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Through this service, certified personal trainers provide individual custom exercise programs tailored to meet the fitness goals of their clients. All levels are welcomed and encouraged. The cost per session is $35.00 per 30 minutes. To sign up for sessions or reserve and pay for a session, log into our personal training management system, using your university credentials.

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Your first session will be 45 minutes as you'll set up your goals and meet with a trainer.

Please feel free to contact Pattye Stragar with any questions regarding personal training.


Before beginning training, you may be interested in learning how to assess your level of fitness.

Why should I conduct fitness assessments?

These assessments are an easy way for you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as an active individual. By knowing the status of your fitness and what improvements could be made, this will allow you to make improvements in your exercises as well as your general well-being. Using these assessments as a baseline will allow you to track your progress in each category of fitness assessment when you repeat them throughout training. Every active person should also be aware of their capabilities so they know when they are pushing their limits, which can help prevent injury. These six easy-to-complete assessments have instructions and visuals that will guide you through the process of each test.

The fitness assessments will help assess your ability regarding:

Each assessment includes information on what group you would be classified in based upon your results. Pictures and videos are included here as well as on the fitness assessments page to help guide you.

Here is where you can get started: Fitness Assessments

Cooper Run Assessment    Sit Up Assessment   Push Up Assessment
Overhead Squat Assessment   Plank Assessment   Shoulder Flexibility Assessment



 Push Up Video    Modified Push Up Video    Sit Up Video