Recreational FAQs

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When are the Cohon University Center fitness facilities and outdoor spaces open?

For all facility hours visit:

For Tepper fitness facility hours visit:

To reserve an indoor space:

To see the availability of outdoor spaces:


How do I get more active?

Here are some steps to get more involved in fitness: 

1. Send an email requesting to be added to our D-List Subscription to receive information from the Recreation Staff

D-List Subscription

2. Check out FREE Group X classes that are offered to CMU undergraduate/graduate students, faculty and staff. All equipment needed is provided.

3. Can’t make it to a class? Find a video to follow from previous class offerings.

4. CMU offers several physical education classes that can be counted toward student credits. Courses are taught by the Athletics Department staff and other experienced instructors.

5. See local trails for running, walking, and bicycling!

6. Check out personal training services to work with a certified personal trainer to achieve your fitness goals through individualized custom exercise programs.


How do I apply for a job in fitness, recreation, or the gym?

Fill out an application and send to Sara Gautner:


Are you working out safely?

Take a look at how to safely lift in the weight room:

Take a look at these how-to videos to show you the correct form when using selectorize machines in the weight room:

Take a look at these how-to videos to show you the correct form when using barbells, racks, or while olympic lifting:

Check out how-to videos to learn how to use the Synergy 360 in the correct way:


How do I know if I am meeting fitness and nutrition recommendations?

How to assess your fitness level:

Physical activity recommendations for aerobic activity and muscular resistance training:

Ehrman, Jonathan K., et al. “Chapter 1: Benefits and Risks Associated with Physical Activity.”
ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, Tenth ed., Wolters Kluwer, Philadelphia, Pa, 2018.

Recommendations for flexibility training:

Riebe, Deborah, et al. “Chapter 6: General Principles of Exercise Prescription.”
ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, Wolters Kluwer, Philadelphia, PA, 2018. 


How to know if you are exercising at moderate or vigorous intensity:

“Measuring Physical Activity Intensity.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 17 Sept. 2020,,not%20sing%20during%20the%20activity. 


For diet and nutrition inquiries see contact information for Registered Dietician at Health Services:


Looking for other fitness ideas?

See these documents on:
Beginner's Guide to Exercise
Frugal Fitness
Fitting Fitness In
No Excuse Workout


How do I rent lockers, check out towels, and rent equipment?:

For lockers, locker rooms, and towel services:

Equipment rentals are not available at this time.


For facility inquiries:

Check out our recreation facilities:

Take a tour of the Cohon Fitness Center and Tepper Fitness Center:

Who to contact for questions regarding recreation:


How do I stay updated on CMU Recreation events?

Check out our Recreation Events page!

And check out our Instagram to stay connected!


Couldn’t find the answer to your question:

Please fill out the CMU Recreation Question Submission Form to have your question answered.