Recreational Resources

The Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation is happy to provide additional fitness and wellness resources.

Group X On Demand - Need to workout but can't make it to a class? Find a video to follow from previous class offerings.

Student Employment - Interested in working for CMU Recreation? Click the link to view our current position openings!

D-List Subscription - Send an email requesting to be added to our distribution list to receive information from the Recreation Staff

Recreation Video - Check out our recreation facilities!

Welcome to the Fitness Center - Take a tour of the Cohon Fitness Center to find out what you can expect when you arrive. Please note that some access doors have been changed due to recent capacity restrictions.

Welcome to Tepper Fitness Center - Take a tour of the Tepper Fitness Center to find out what you can expect when you arrive.

Introduction to Working Out Videos - Check out this five-video series covering a wide variety of elements in the gym to help newcomers starting in the gym.

How to use the selectorize Equipment - Unfamiliar with some of the weight equipment? Take a look at this page full of how to videos to show you the correct form to use when using the machines.

How to use the Synergy 360 - The Synergy 360 is an awesome machine with many uses - check out our how-to videos to better understanding what you can accomplish and how to use the tools the correct way.

Push/Pull Machine Tutorials - Multi-video series showing how to use push/pull machines in the gym including equipment tutorials, excercises, cues, and other tips.

Fitness Assessments - Assessments are an easy way to identify your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete or active person. Check out 6 fitness assessments we believe will help you test your ability

Beginner's Guide to Exercise - Check out a beginner's guide to exercise that will show you some options for strength, endurance, and calorie burning.

FRUGAL FITNESS - Don't have time to make it to the Cohon Fitness Center or the Tepper Fitness Center for a class, personal training, or individual workout? Leaving for a long break or summer term? No fear, check out our document detailing where you can get inexpensive equipment to keep your workout routine going.

Fitting Fitness In - Not sure how or why to fit fitness into your daily life - read up on it here and find additional ways to fit fitness in.

Running/Walking Trails - See local trails for running, walking, and bicycling. Safety tips included!

The No Excuses Workout - Can't make it to the gym today? Choose a QUICK workout to do wherever and whenever you want!

Outdoor Recreation Equipment - Check out our outdoor recreation equipment we have available plus instructions on how to play!